*****COPY/PASTE HTML CHEAT SHEET FROM CoSCHEDULE***** This plain-text list will allow you to copy and paste common HTML tags directly into Wordpress (or another CMS). We hope you find it useful! ______________________________________________________________________________________ Basic HTML Tags Create an HTML Document: Create Body (must be placed within ): Links Create A Link: Insert anchor text Create A No-Follow Link: Insert Anchor Text Mailto Link: Create On-Page Internal Link: Insert Anchor Text *This method differs from the approach shown in our blog post. However, it will achieve the same result. Images Add Image: Create Image Link: Importance Tags Use to indicate emphasis or stress. (italics) Use to indicate importance. (bold) Use to indicate relevance. (highlight) Use to mark the name of a work, such as a book, play, or song. Use to mark the defining instance of a term. Formatting Line Break:
Non-Breaking Space:   Block Quote:
Create A Paragraph:

Add Horizontal Line:
Lists Numbered List:
    Bulleted List:
      List Item:
    • - Must be used inside
          Add Image: On-Page Deep Links Create On-Page Link Target: Create On-Page Deep Link To Target: Headings Header (h1):

          Header (h2):

          Header (h3):

          Header (h4):

          Header (h5):
          Header (h6):
          Tables Create A Table:
          Table Header: Table Body: Table Row: Table Cell: Table Spacing & Padding Set Table Cell Spacing: Set Table Cell Padding:
          Set Table Width:
          Table Alignment Set Left Cell Alignment:
          Set Right Cell Alignment: Set Center Cell Alignment: Adjust Top Vertical Cell Alignment: Adjust Middle Vertical Cell Alignment: Adjust Bottom Vertical Cell Alignment: